About Us

Who Are We?
The short story:
The website and company www.4qualityair.com was created by Techniques, Inc. so that homeowners like you can enjoy the same high-quality filtration we have been offering our commercial customers for over 30 years. We are based in northern Minnesota and, YES, we are indeed “Minnesota Nice”! We do talk a little funny. If you call us, you may hear us say things like “uffda” or “ya, you betcha”. Don’t worry about what that means, just know that we understand your needs and will work hard to earn and keep your business. We’re kind of old fashioned that way.
Why we do what we do:
After providing air, furnace, and water filtration solutions for dozens of hospitals, universities, and office buildings, something occurred to us: If we can offer the best quality, best performing and most cost effective filtration products for these large businesses… We can do it for home-owners, too!
Everybody needs and deserves to breathe clean air in their own home, but not too many people want to spend their time thinking about it. At Techniques, we have built our business around thinking about it, so you can just leave it to us!
From your first filtration installation to managing your replacement schedule, Techniques, and 4QualityAir have got you covered.
So again … WHY do we do what we do? Well, not only are we owners and employees of Techniques, Inc., we are home-owners, too! And we know that in most homes, air filtration isn’t the number one priority. But it’s ours. And we want to help you and your family breathe easy… the way we have been helping our happy, loyal customers for the past three decades.
Thank you from the 4QualityAir team!