Subscription Program

4QualityAir Filter Subscription /Auto-Reorder Program

Never worry about forgetting to order your new air filter.  We deliver the filter you need, on the schedule you set.

Our program insures that you always have clean air! 

What our Air Filter Subscription Program means for you:

Your air filters will ship when you need them – Just pick how often you want us to deliver your filters.  Note: Under general conditions, you should replace your filters at least every 3 months – every 1 month if you have especially dusty or dirty air.  When it’s time for a new filter, we’ll ship it to you automatically and bill your order to the card you provided us with.

We’ll let you know when your filters will ship – One week before we ship your order, we’ll send you an email along with a link that allows you to easily change your order quantity, payment details, shipping method and more.

Changing or updating your account is easy – You can update your delivery frequency, credit card number, billing address or the filter type by simply logging into your account

You can cancel anytime – If you ever need to change, suspend or cancel your delivery plan, just log into your account or call our customer service department at 1-855-463-3600 one week prior to your next scheduled order date - or when you receive your reminder email.  You can cancel anytime, no questions asked!

I ordered and chose the delivery option – now what? – Your order is on the way!  And, you have the peace of mind knowing that your next filter order is scheduled and will be shipped based on the frequency chosen. 

Instructions, Conditions & FAQs

How to sign up for our air filter subscription program:

  1. Select ‘Regular Delivery’ when completing your order – save 10%.
  2. Under “Regular Delivery” Choose a filter replacement schedule based on the drop-downs provided.
  3. Complete your order as normal.


Your credit card will be charged based on the air filter replacement interval you chose.

We will send you a reminder email, one week before your order is to be billed and shipped.

Your account details, including billing method and filter type may be changed at any time.


How will I know when my next filter is on the way?
One week prior to when your filter is due to be shipped, we’ll send you an email which will let you know that your next filter is due to charge and ship. This email will contain instructions and contact information to either cancel or reschedule your order.

How do I update my account details?
You can either log into your account – My Account > My Subscriptions.  Also, after ordering and signing up, we’ll send you a confirmation email with account log-in details that you can use to go into your account to make any changes at any time. You can also call our customer service department for help at 1-855-463-3600.